Our Mission

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Building on Faith’s™ mission is to revive, refresh, and renew faith base organizations & businesses through innovative design solutions and outreach initiatives to restore full community life. By Making A Difference in A Different Way™, we pride ourselves on building long lasting relationships that extends beyond design and make a positive impact within every community.

Building on Faith was a program established in 2009, with the simple goal of giving back to the community through innovative design solutions. Our programs are uniquely constructed so that our design services are paired with our outreach initiatives. After further development, rapid growth, and much success, Building on Faith was incorporated in 2011 as a non-profit 501(c) 3 to extend our impact to a broader audience.

With the help of our fellow partners, we gather materials to reduce the cost of community renovations offering affordable design services to dated communities. All proceeds generated through our design services are used further the mission of Building on Faith.

Success for Building on Faith can therefore be measured in both the quantitative and qualitative improvements in the lives of the citizens in each of our target areas within the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. It is not reinventing the wheel, but restoring it with sustainable resources to strengthen the community structure for up and coming generations.


Building on Faith’s ability to offer a comprehensive community solution that reaches a wide variety of individuals makes us uniquely positioned to unify numerous sections of the public and reach the heart of each community