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Building on Faith’s leadership team helps to direct and implements Building on Faith’s strategy.

Executive Director | Design & Outreach Programs

Jocelyn develops and implements the community outreach programs, the design services, & the policies of Building on Faith™, ensuring that all community and design-based activity is consistent with the mission and philosophy of the organization. She has more than ten years of experience in management, design, and development and has held a variety of leadership & mentoring positions with numerous organizations. She has applied the combination of practical design and academic experience to a variety of small businesses throughout the world.

leader_darrinDARRIN ROBINSON
Managing Director | Operations

Darrin is responsible for the entire operation of Building on Faith’s™ program and ensures that all community and design-based activity is consistent with the organization’s mission and philosophy. Darrin joins the Building on Faith TEAM with more than five years of experience with global businesses in areas of executive management, strategic business analysis, and functional oversight of system implementation.


Creative Director | Brand Development

Omar is responsible for the creative output of Building on Faith, with oversight of the creative team and creative processes; the ideation, presentation and execution of client branding and marketing communications campaigns; the profitability and creative quality of client programs and projects, and the operational readiness of the creative team, all in fulfillment of our brand promise to our clients.

Building on Faith’s Board of Directors includes individuals with extensive experience in advocacy and activism, policy, politics and business. The board oversees Building on Faith’s work and helps to ensure we are making progress against our mission.


  • Jocelyn Robinson
  • Darrin Robinson
  • Omar Thomas
  • Mary Banks
  • Jamika Brown
  • Elaine Bowers-Coventry
  • Bradley Cobbs
  • Mary Foster
  • Terrica Jennings
  • Jeremiah Ojo
  • Durante Partridge
  • Stacey Valy-Palyvanatiou
Building on Faith’s Advisory Board is a regular forum for many of Building on Faith’s friends and advisors that come together to discuss the pressing issues facing the Atlanta communities, and play a key role in informing Building on Faith’s work in locally and globally.


  • Lateefah Mosley
  • Jason Reese