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September 2, 2013 @ 12:00 PM by Team Faith

Patching Up Our Communities


  • More than one million tons of textiles are discarded annually, with the bulk of these textiles coming from consumer households, as well as from fabric and yarn manufacturers, garment manufacturers and the retail industry.
  • Credential clothing and mixed rags that are not recycled can create problems in landfills. Synthetic fiber products do not decompose in landfills, and woolen garments will decompose, however, produce methane during the decomposition process.

At Building on Faith we strive to not only improve each community in our target area, but to also do it in innovative ways! That is what led us to the development of our most recent outreach program. After recently visiting a hospital in Atlanta, I thought to myself what could be done to warm this place up a bit. I mentioned this thought to Team Faith and we began to brainstorm. This hour long meeting gave birth to Patched Works™. Patched Works™ is an outreach program dedicated to warming the hearts of Metropolitan Atlanta by offering hope through quilt donations.

Through our network, we learned about an initiative sponsored by Zero Landfill in which expired samples and materials from interior designers and architects were donated to the community rather than disposed. We combined our love of creativity and desire to impact lives to transform the recycled materials into handmade quilts for assisted living facilities, hospitals and homeless shelters. We have collected approximately 700lbs of material designated for landfills and our goal is to make more than 200 quilts, ensuring we can warm the hearts of many throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan area and reduce the amount of waste bound for landfills.

We are currently taking donations for quilting material and seeking community locations to host quilting parties. To learn more about how to become a host or donate materials to OUR MOVEMENT please send all inquiries to

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